How to prepare/react to an emergency on aircraft


  • When taking your seat, count the number of rows to the emergency exit behind you, as well as infront of you, so in a crisis with a lot of smoke or darkness, you can count the rows to the exit

  • If you are not actually moving somewhere, remained seated with your seatbelt fastened at all times...turbulence can hit unexpectedly

  • If travelling with a small child/infant, it is worth purchasing an additional seat where you can fasten an airline approved is much safer to have your child in a carseat than in your lap in the event of a crash

  • DO NOT take your carry on luggage in an evacuation...this can slow you down and slow down others trying to evacuate

  • Have your children climb over the seats in an evacuation, as it will likely be faster and safer than trying to navigate the crush of people in the aisles