What type of notes to take when receiving a bomb threat
  • If a bomb threat is called in it is usually because the culprit does not want to actually harm anyone, just make a statement,
    so they give warning

  • Most devices are actually placed outside the buildings as opposed to inside, so during an evactuation DO NOT gather close to the building, go across the road or somewhere sufficiently far away

  • Staff should be familiar of their areas and familiar with staff in order to notice unusual activities

  • Keep plants and gardens well maintained

  • Have garbages emptied regularly

  • Have a list of questions and things to write down for when recieving a bomb threat:
    ○ Whether or not the caller sounds male or female
    ○ Background sounds?
    ○ Voice characteristics
    ○ Incorrect or correct grammar
    ○ Ask where device is, as they are likely calling to warn you to prevent harm
    ○ Obtain as much detail as possible
    ○ Call the police immediately after, or give a note to someone else in the room to call while on the phone, but from a
       location where they cannot be overheard