The fundamental elements of a comprehensive Emergency Plan include:


  • Risk assessment

  • Prevention and mitigation

  • Procedure development

  • Training and exercising

  • Response and recovery

  • Business continuity


While many organizations have a "what if" policy, often they do not

have an organizational infrastructure that addresses the key

components working together.


Most government and many other organizations utilize the

internationally accepted standard incident management system

(IMS) that responds to all types of emergencies and is scalable to meet every incident size. 


The key components of an emergency IMS plan are:


  • Incident Command

  • Response / Operations

  • Finance / Administration

  • Logistics

  • Planning

  • Safety / Security

  • Liaison

  • Information


Our team are experts in the implementation and facilitation of the Incident Management System and regularly develop plans for clients around the world which utilize this system.