A sudden disaster

A looming crisis

Are you and your staff prepared for an emergency?


What are your risks? A threat of violence, communicable disease, severe weather, flooding, fire, serious injury or missing person can devastate your staff, organization and reputation.


Emergency Management & Training has the expertise and experience to prepare you for the worst (and everything else). Being prepared means much more than evacuating a building in the event of a fire. Being truly prepared is having a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan based on the risks along with a crisis communications plan.


Industry-specific approaches allow you to be sure the right plan is in place for your needs. Whether you are operating in the Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, or Government our team has the expertise and experience to prepare your organization.


. . . We can help you!


  • Identify the hazards and complete a risk analysis

  • Identify and provide prevention and mitigation opportunities to reduce your

  • Implement the Incident Management System (IMS) / Incident Command System (ICS)

  • Develop comprehensive emergency preparedness and response plans / procedures

  • Train staff in risk reduction and emergency procedures

  • Develop business continuity and recovery plans to return to "normal" as soon as possible