Fire Services responds to fire calls, medical emergencies, motor vehicle collisions, hazardous material releases, and other rescue calls, and are often called upon to handle a crisis when other agencies do not know what to do, and therefore must be trained, equipped and ready to respond to all types of situations. The task of developing an emergency plan is therefore extremely critical as the organization moves forward, ensuring the most efficient use of resources as the service continues to meet the demands of the community.


Emergency Medical Services are evolving quickly with medical research, evidence based protocols, new technologies, increasing demands, and evolving programs such as community paramedicine. With these rapid evolutions, EMS services face challenges of keeping pace, serving within fiscal restraint, training requirements, and continually enhancing the opportunities to benefit the community.


We assist Fire Services and Emergency Medical Services, and their governing agencies to reach their performance goals by providing comprehensive consultation including:


  • Master Fire Plans

  • Organization and Administration Reviews

  • Resource Deployment and Operations

  • Dispatch and Communications

  • Fire Service Accreditation

  • Strategic and Corporate Planning

  • Best Practices

  • Public Policy

  • Public and Stakeholder Consultation

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Management Consulting and Financial Analysis




Emergency Management & Training provides high-level professional EMS / Fire Service training in the following areas:


  • Leadership

  • Tactical Communications

  • Stress Management

  • Customer Service

  • Incident Management System

  • Health & Safety

  • Service Partnerships

  • Dealing with the Elderly

  • Testifying in Court

  • Responding Effectively to Complaints

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Teamwork and Team Building

  • Professionalism

  • Train the Trainer "Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator"


Customized presentations and training programs are also available 


Invite your allied agencies to join you in cost sharing when establishing a seminar.

We can also assist your organization in the development of site specific training programs.

Watch this site for postings of public courses and seminars.