Emergency Management and Training Inc. is a leader in planning and orchestrating mock disaster exercises. Whether planning for a natural or man-made disaster, participating in a real time disaster exercise will ensure that you and your team are well prepared to take the appropriate steps required in an emergency situation.


The team at Emergency Management & Training has identified the benefits of disaster exercises to include:


  • Staff training

  • Test plans and procedures

  • Identify planning and resource gaps

  • Test mission critical assumptions

  • Build working partnerships with allied agencies

  • Test communications and interactions between agencies

  • Test technology

  • Meet the demands of legislation requirements

  • Provide reassurance to stakeholders and community members

  • Build problem solving skills

  • Demonstrate to funding sources the importance of the EM program, training and exercises

  • Set goals for future exercises

Whether it is a tabletop, functional or full scale exercise, EMT is the firm to assist you. EMT has planned and executed table top and functional exercises for numerous organizations including universities, health care facilities, public and private corporations, municipalities and First Nations. 


EMT was a lead consultant for Trillium Response, Canada's largest integrated civilian / military exercise involving more than 3,000 active participants. This component operated continuously for 72 hours. EMT provided 22 consultants, controllers and evaluators for this exercise.


EMT has been the CBRNE exercise consultant for the Ontario Emergency Medical AssistanceTeam since 2006, conducting large scale disaster exercises in various cities across Ontario.


EMT was a planning and coordinator consultant for Exercise Caduceus, a simulated car bomb at the Constellation Hotel in Toronto involving the National Office of Health Emergency Response Team (NOHERT), the provincial EMAT team, the Ontario Provincial Police Provincial Emergency Response Team (PERT), 4 Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (HUSAR) teams from across Canada, and support agencies. This was a 72 hour continuous operation. Over 1000 responders were on-site for the full 72 hours, making this Canada's largest full civilian disaster exercise. EMT provided 20 consultants, controllers and evaluators for this exercise.

Having participated in some of Canada's largest mock disaster training exercises, the team at Emergency Management & Training has the experience to assist your organization, no matter the size, with appropriate exercises to meet your specific needs.