General Emergency Preparedness for Front Line Staff 

Custom designed programs to introduce staff to their roles in an

emergency; often includes training on Fire, Missing Persons, Violence,

Hazardous Materials Spills, Bomb Threats and Searches, Community

Emergencies, Evacuations, etc.


Emergency Evacuation Techniques

Practical sessions using Rescue Evacuation Dummies to teach simple

evacuation techniques to staff responsible for assisting patients /

residents in an emergency.


Fire Extinguisher Use

Classroom and practical sessions for all staff on the safe use of fire extinguishers (computerized laser system allows for indoor practical training).


Crisis Communications

Communicating with stakeholders and the media in an emergency - training for those who may be assigned the role of Public Information Officer and / or Media Spokesperson. This course has a 1 day and a 2 day option. The 2 day course includes practical scenarios in interview and scrum environments.


Spills Management

Classroom and practical sessions for response to spills, safety, cleanup, disposal, etc. Normally geared for maintenance / housekeeping staff.


Patient Decontamination

Incoming or in-house patients can become contaminated from chemical or radiological contamination - staff protection (PPE) and decontamination techniques are taught in a classroom and practical setting