The Incident Management System (IMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) are internationally accepted all hazard, scalable systems used for command, control and coordination of emergency reponse as well as non-emergency events. IMS / ICS are based on the principle that in any and every incident there are certain management functions that must be carried out regardless of the type or size of the incident.


EMT's IMS training poster describes the IMS organizational structure based on



  • Incident Manager

  • Operations

  • Planning

  • Logistics

  • Finance/Administration

  • Safety & Security

  • Public Information

  • Liason 


These systems will help to avoid confusion and provide a strategic and calming action

plan in the midst of chaos. 


Training as well as a written set of policies and procedures that address the seven key

functions combine to create a comprehensive system.


Our team will work with you to implement the IMS / ICS system in your organization.

Ensuring you and your team are prepared for a coordinated response when an emergency

or disaster impact operations.


IMS Training provided by Emergency Management & Training Inc. meets or exceeds the

following programs / standards:


  • CSA Z1600

  • NFPA 1600

  • Emergency Management Ontario IMS 100 / IMS 200 / IMS 300

  • Ontario Hospital Association IMS program

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