Your organization has its own specific set of needs to be immediately addressed in the event of a disaster. We have the experience to take this into account.




  • Young, dependent students

  • Large, often older buildings

  • Portable classrooms

  • Parents demanding information and communication 

  • Small independent groups

  • Imperfect communication systems

  • Threats of violence




How do you assume control and manage the disaster
for everyone simultaneously?


Emergency Management & Training provides consulting and training services for pre-schools, elementary and high schools, colleges and universities.




  • Non-ambulatory or equipment-dependent patients

  • Low staff to patient ratios

  • New, urgent health emergencies such as communicable diseases

  • Regulation, accreditation, and standards





How do you take care of those you are already taking care of?


Emergency Management & Training provides has provided consulting and training services for more than 300 Hospitals, Chronic and Rehabilitation facilities, Long Term Care facilities, Nursing Homes, and Retirement Residences.


Public and Private Corporations


  • Deadlines

  • Reputation

  • Public Perception

  • Staff turnover

  • Union restrictions

  • Maintaining profitability

  • Security Risk Assessment





How do you maintain production levels while coping with disaster?


Emergency Management & Training provides services to manufacturers, transportation companies, office complexes, agricultural sector and farms, and a wide variety of other industries.




  • Satisfying paying clients

  • Future reputation

  • Privacy issues

  • Involved people are unknown

  • Varied service areas mean varied plans

  • Security Risk assessment





How do you maintain customer relations in the face of disaster?


Emergency Management & Training provides consulting and training services for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment and sporting venues.




  • Whole population spectrum to take into account

  • Acting under a spotlight

  • Much of the workforce is nine-to-five5

  • Necessary confidentiality





How do you ensure the safety of a vast array of people without causing panic?


Emergency Management and Training provide consulting and training services for municipal, provincial or state, aboriginal and federal governments along with their agencies.


Community and Organizations


  • Stadiums, Arenas, and Locations of Mass Gatherings

  • Cultural Centers, Museums, and Galleries

  • Summer and day camps

  • Places of Worship / Religious organizations

  • Sports leagues and organizations

  • Parks, Conservation Areas, Camp Grounds




When you attract and encourage people to spend time with you,
you better have a plan to protect them, should a crisis occur.
We can help you with that.