How to be prepared and how to react in a power failure
  • Sub-pumps, sewage pumps, freezers/refrigerators, gas stations, bank machines, point of sales machines will all not work during power failures (can't buy groceries or other supplies as stores will close)

  • Some cell towers will go down if not on backup generators

  • VOIP or digital telephones will go down

  • Computer networks will go down

  • Restaurants may close due to lack of power to cooking or refrigeration systems

  • Banks will close, systems will be down

  • How to prepare

    ○ Figure out how long you can go without things like AC/heat, or how long your sub-pump can't work for, how long food stays cold in the    freezer/fridge
    ○ Then look into a battery backup or generator , and decide what scale is needed based on how much you would require to maintain          power during a failure
    ○ For medical items such as oxygen concentrators, know where places are that you can charge or run your device during a power failure
    ○ Operate generators as per instructions, don't run outdoor generators indoors, etc.
    ○ Ensure your car always has atleast a half a tank of gas
    ○ Have an emergency kit at your home as well as your business
    ○ Have a battery or crank operated radio, some even have a USB charging port 
    ○ If on well water be aware that your pump may not work in a power failure, so have alternate water arrangements

Be Prepared for Power Outages

Food Safety During Power Outages