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Emergency Management & Training Inc. is pleased to offer our readers an exclusive discount to the Health Emergency Risk Communications Workshop.

The Ebola outbreak ravaging West Africa and putting the rest of the world on alert is only the latest example underscoring what any experienced emergency manager already knows: effectively communicating risk during a serious event is often the key to minimizing threat, coordinating partners, and maintaining trust with our citizens. But if communication often holds the key to success during a serious event, it also is among the complex and difficult challenges we face.

The Health Emergency Risk Communication Workshop brings together emergency managers, health experts, and communicators to confront the challenge of communicating risk during a complex emergency. Led by international practitioners from The Warning Project -- a non-profit which promotes better emergency risk communication -- the session builds from the latest academic research and uses interactive technology to maximize the learning experience. Emergency Management Training Newsletter subscribers qualify for a discounted registration fee: Save $100: use discount code "emt" when you register.

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