Dear friends please take a moment to read this message; it could save a life.

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This is one face of PTSD. There are many more out there like me and they need help. Today is the day that I let everyone know about my struggle as a police officer with PTSD, so that others can come forward and know that there is help available for them.

Please take a moment to "Like" and "Share" this post to reach my goal of 10 000 "likes" at which time I will shave off my beard to begin the next step on my path of healing. Every share could mean reaching someone who needs to read this to know that there is help available. Please also visit Ernie's Journey to help raise $10 000, only $1 per "like", so that more PTSD service dogs can be provided for veterans and first responders that come forward.

Over the past year I have grown this beard as a mask so that others would not recognize me, so that I would be left alone and not forced to answer questions about an illness that had so completely taken over my mind and body. I had suffered for so long that the daily fight to not let the demons win had worn down my mind, body and soul.

Then, one year ago today, on what I thought was the final day of my battle, I took my service issued gun while I sat in my scout car and prepared to take my own life. But I did not, instead I sat and cried and phoned for help; help that is there for everyone.

However, there are other veterans and first responders who do not seek help and continue to quietly suffer while building a mask of their own. They suffer because of the stigma and repercussions of seeking help. Their mask is one of courage, honour and duty; but the façade erodes away day by day until there seems to be no escape from the daily battle of PTSD. Every day, every single day, one hero cannot continue the battle within and we lose them to suicide. This is unacceptable and today we must make a firm stand to ensure that every person who needs assistance seeks it out without the fear of reprisal, retribution or career stagnation; simply for asking for help.

One year after first seeking help, it is time for me to remove the beard, time to remove the mask, time to begin speaking freely about an injury that continues to affect me so drastically. It is time for everyone to begin speaking freely. It is time to stop losing Heros to PTSD. Let's start now: please Like & Share.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my message,

Drew Dunning


As you may be aware, Emergency Management & Training was the Global sponsor for the WCDM 2014. We are very pleased to be a partner of WCDM 2015, celebrating the 25th anniversary of this international conference.

As part of this 25th anniversary celebration, we have the opportunity for you to register for WCDM 2015 for only $250 for a full conference pass. (full price in 2014 was $1,100)

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If you are in emergency services, emergency management or in corporate business continuity, this is a great world class conference and this price is amazing.

We look forward to seeing you there.


2014 was an incredibly busy year for Emergency Management & Training Inc. with consulting and training projects across North America. Our travels saw us in West Palm Beach, North Vancouver, Ottawa, Dallas, Boca Raton, Las Vegas, and dozens of communities in between.

Disaster exercises, Master Fire Plans, emergency preparedness consulting, EMS / Fire leadership training/coaching, and numerous other projects were completed by our team.

In 2014 we provided training to several thousand people including staff at:

  • Provincial government ministries and agencies

  • Hospitals

  • Long Term Care and Retirement Homes

  • Industrial Response Teams

  • Municipalities

  • Emergency Control Groups

  • Fire Departments

For 2015 we have already booked exercises, training, consulting and Master Fire Plan projects all the way into December 2015. In fact, January was so busy we didn't have time for our e-newsletter.

If you would like to book a consulting project, exercise or training, or have us put together a proposal for you please contact Katherine Dale, Administrative Manager at or (705) 719-9007.

Photo: Doug Outtrim, one of our instructors teaching an IMS course for a client.

Doug retired from the Ontario Fire College in 2014 and has been working with our clients including the Ontario Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Ontario Power Generation.


An engineering friend sent me the attached youtube video with the following comments:

"Such a simple task - such a complex machine to accomplish it. Obviously designed by a consulting engineer, whose fees were predicated upon the total cost of the project. Works well though and never spills a drop."

What happens when you hire a firm of engineers to do an emergency services consulting project?

Fortunately, Emergency Management & Training Inc. is made up of emergency services and emergency management experts who have spent their careers in the field.


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