Laurel's 8 Tips to Have a Safe and Fun Summer #summerfun2020

Welcome to the official summer months (July and August), where the weather is hot, hot, hot! Here at Emergency Management & Training, we want you to have fun, but also stay safe. Due to the pandemic, we will be celebrating these months of summer differently this year as many restrictions stay in place (including a limit to the amount of people allowed in a gathering, and still needing to remain 2 meters apart). Below are some tips and things you can do that will guarantee you a safe and fun summer.

1. Chalk Your Walk

Get out your chalk and ‘chalk you walk’! Cover your driveway and sidewalk with colourful artwork and kind messages for your neighbours to see as they walk by your house.

2. Biking

Get your bike out of your garage and find a trail whether it's in nature or it's in the city. Make sure to stay safe by making sure your bike is in proper order and of course, wearing a helmet.

3. Discover the Natural Beauty

Although outdoor celebrations that draw big crowds are cancelled, there’s nothing stopping you from going out to enjoy the natural beauty of our beautiful country. Plan a hike or a picnic (or both) out in nature following the safety regulations.

4. Paint Your Way

Paint kind messages onto rocks that you can distribute throughout nature so others that walk the trail can see them. Make them bright so they stand out and get creative!

5. Brighten Your Light

There’s nothing more important than to still be learning new things. Even though you school education has come to a halt for the summer, it doesn’t still mean you still shouldn’t exercise your brain. Learning something new (whether it’s creative or intellectual) is something you can do this summer.


6. Hunt for Treasure

Plan a scavenger hunt whether it’s just in your yard, your neighbourhood, or city. Have a prize at the end and lots of fun activities to do.

7. Spread the Joy

Instead of getting together with large groups of family and friends like you would normally do, plan to surprise them by dropping off some snacks or baked goods to lift their spirits.

8. Gathering in Groups

If you do end up gathering with a group, gather outside. Although gathering outside is ideal, it is recommended to avoid having barbecues and potlucks where everyone ends up sharing utensils. On top of that, make sure to limit the amount of people in your gathering as dictated by your province and stay 2 meters apart to follow proper social distancing protocol.

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