Back to School Preparation

With a set date that children will be going back to school, and a plan released by the government about what will be happening this fall, here are 4 tips to help you prepare your children for the changes they will be facing this upcoming school year.

1. Mask Prepardness


It's a given that masks will be a requirement for students to wear. Encourage your child to sit inside and wear their mask for long periods of time to get used to the feeling of it being on their face.

Masks will not be a requirement for younger children, but it's still a good idea to prepare them to be able to wear a mask by having them wear it around the house as well. You don't know where their other children have been or what their parent's professions are and it's a good idea for you to tell your child to wear it while they are in school.

If your child is uncomfortable wearing a mask, an alternate option is for them to wear a face shield. It is an acceptable and effective alternative method. Early childhood education is crucial in those beginning years and it's important for children to be in that learning environment. It is just as important however, for children to be safe and healthy.

2. Sanitize Your Hands

Before sending you kid(s) back to school, remind them they should not touch things unnecessarily because it increases the risk of spreading the virus in the unlikely case one of the other children in their class has it.

Saying this, children can't always avoid touching the many things around them. They may absent-mindedly touch a desk, walking past it, or move something out of their way. To be able to have a quick solution to this problem, give them a bottle of hand sanitizer they can keep in the desk or backpack. Remind them to sanitize their hand frequently and especially after working on something.

3. Wash Your Hands

Using hand sanitizer is one way to kill the germs but washing hands is a much better way to ensure that hands are thoroughly clean... only when done properly though. Most kids think dipping their hands under the faucet and shaking off the water is proper hand washing, but that's not the case.

Make sure your kid(s) know how to properly know how to wash their hands with soap, scrubbing both fronts and backs of their hands as well as in between their fingers and fingernails.

4. Stay Informed

Stay informed by checking your child's school board's website for any updates on rules they will be expecting ot follow when they go back. Share any updates with your children so they are in the loop and know what to expect.


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