'Tis the Season #happyholidays

'Tis the season to be jolly, and we sure hope you are in a jolly mood because Christmas is right around the corner! Don’t worry of you don’t feel like you're in the Christmas spirit yet because there are many ways. The best way to get into the Christmas spirit though, is to start decorating your house. Of course, when it comes to decorating, there are a few safety precautions you should take. Below are some tips to sucessfully and safely decorate your home for Christmas.

Safety Precaution #1 – Tree Edition

All people who celebrate Christmas put up a Christmas tree

and decorate it. If you’re buying a live Christmas tree, keep it

away from heat sources including fireplaces, radiators, and

lighted candles. You should also keep you tree hydrated. A

hydrated tree is less likely to catch on fire. If you want to avoid

the risk of your tree catching on fire altogether, buy a flame-ret

ardant fake tree. If you do end up taking this route, you’re able

to reuse this tree year after year.

Safety Precaution #2 – Ladder Safety

When decorating in high places, whether it be putting the star

on top of your tree or hanging lights outside on your roof, use a

stable ladder. Have someone spot you, holding the ladder so

it’s more stable. You don’t want to be getting injured so close to

Christmas. Ladders should extend 3 feet above your roof and

you should never go above the second rung from the top of

your ladder. Make sure the ladder is dry and clean before use

and you should wear slip-resistant shoes. If you have children

who will be home while you are using the ladder, remind them

that they should never go underneath it. It’s very dangerous.

Safety Precaution #3 – Electrical Safety

Check lights for frayed wired, broken sockets, and loose

connections. You don’t want to cause an electrical shortage. If you

put a lot of lights on, make sure you don’t overload the circuit.

Instead, distribute your light strand among multiple extension

cords. Saying this, you should also frequently check the extension

cord of any sign that it may be overheating. If it is, it’s a good

indicator that you should turn it off. Also remember to turn off the

lights when you leave the house and when you go to bed. This

could also lead to a short and start an electrical fire.

Safety Precaution #4 – General Safety

If you have young children, keep fragile ornaments higher up on the

tree. You don’t want an ornament to fall and break and risk having your

little one getting cut on the sharp debris.

As poinsettias are a very popular Christmas decoration, remember

they are poisonous. Keep them out of reach from young children and

pets. Although they are not fatal, if eaten, they can cause irritation, a

mouth rash, and/or an upset stomach.


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