Safe Winter Driving

Whether you are a new driver, or a driver who has been driving for years,

Emergency Management & Training wants to provide you with tips to make

sure you are staying safe on the icy winter roads.

Clean Car

Keeping your car brushed off and free of snow and​​

ice is the best thing you can do to ensure your safety

and the safety of those around you. When snow is one

the windows and windshield wipers, it will block you

vision and is unsafe for you, your passengers, and the

drivers around you. Snow on top of you car is also jsut as dangerous. There is a risk of it

being blown off and blokcing your vision or another driver's vision which is extrememly

unsafe. To aviod taking these risks, keep a car brush with an ice scraper, and before you

go out, brush off any snow.

Proper Tires

Snow tires are a must have, especially here in Canada.

Although they are expensive, they are a good investment and

you’ll be glad you have them. Snow tires provide an extra

grip that you don’t get with normal tires or seasonal tires.

Be Prepared

In the cold temperatures, your car may stall or stop

altogether. If this does happen, it’s a good idea to keep

the essentials in your car. This includes hats, mitts, and

scarves for every member of your family. Its also a good

idea to have extras in case you have a guest. Bringing a

fuzzy blanket or two is also a good idea. You should also

have shovel in your trunk in the event your car ends up getting stuck in a snowbank.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Before you go out, check the weather. You want to avoid

going out in a snowstorm or a blizzard. You should also

allocate extra time to get to your destination.

Safe Driving

The roads are slippery so driving slowly in winter

weather in a must. You also need to know you should

slow down sooner when you’re coming to a stop sign or a

traffic light.

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety is just an important as driving safety. In snowstorms or blizzards, as a pedestrian, you are very hard to see. Be extra careful when you’re crossing the streets. Cars may not see you clearly. To be safer, wear a reflective strip of tape on your jacket, or attach a reflective band around your arm so cars can see you.

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