3 Trick or Treating Safety Tips for a spooky (and fun) Halloween

October 24, 2019


Halloween is just around the corner. We prepared a top 3 list of the most important things you need to remember before sending your kiddos trick or treating. Instead of having a haunted Halloween, #besafe during the candy hunt!



1- What’s the best costume for kids to go trick or treating?


Besides fitting properly, the costume should have bright colours. Dark colours make it hard for people to see the children at night; using colourful costumes with reflective adhesive stickers it’s always a good idea. Be careful with the material of the costume. Capes, for example, tend to be more flammable, and because some houses might have real candles as part of their decoration, it’s better to use 100% synthetic fabrics like nylon.


Also, instead of using masks that can obstruct your child’s vision, paint their faces with some fun, sparkly paint. We are sure they will love it! But don’t forget to test the paint first to make sure your child doesn’t have any skin reactions, and always remove the paint before tucking them into bed.




2- Where to go trick or treating?


First, look for well-lit locations that have pumpkins or Halloween decorations in front of the houses. Some houses put a poster in front saying that they are handing out allergy-free products like pencils, erasers, or stickers; that’s something to keep in mind if your child is food sensitive.


Second, it’s really important that small children are accompanied by adults. The adult needs to make sure the child is with them at all times, including all the way to the doors. Most people think it’s ok to let the kid walk to the door by themselves while you watch at the sideway, but that’s not the best idea. Some homeowner’s costumes, or even teen costumes, may scare the children. Also, you can take a look at the candy that people are giving your kid so you know it’s all sealed and it’s not missing its wrapping.





3- What are the dangers of going trick or treating?


As a kid, we all used to eat the candy we got on our way home; that was actually the best part. We also used to spread them on the living room floor at a friend’s house and trade the not-so-good candies for the best chocolate they had.


Nowadays, it’s important to be a little more careful. Make sure that every candy is sealed and safe. You just never know! The kids can share their goodies right after you check everything.




Our goal is for everyone to have fun and #besafe! What are your tips? Comment down below.



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