Get your Valentine something cool! (and #safe)

February 6, 2020


Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and we bet you still aren’t sure what to get to your partner, right? Well, don’t over think anymore! The team at EMT got together and each one of us came up with a gift idea that will make your Valentine’s day a #safe AND special day!


Starting with Katherine, she thought of something that will make your Valentines pop! Here’s what she said:


“I know everyone is worried about the #coronavirus and might choose not to celebrate Valentine’s by going out. So, I thought of a gift that will allow you to go to restaurants and bars and still have a good time: hand sanitizer in bubble wrap bag! Talk about a good idea, eh? Who doesn’t love popping the bubble wrap? You still get a hand sanitizer as a bonus! #winwin!”



We love Katherine’s idea! Especially since using #handsanitizer (that has at least 60% alcohol) is one way to prevent yourself from getting infected!


P.S. EMT #tip: always wash your hands with water and soap if your hands are visibly dirty.


Another one of our team members, Ashley, thought of something different:


“I know my boyfriend loves cars, so I thought of giving him one of those Emergency Seat Belt Cutter and Window Hammer Tool, like this one from Amazon, for example. It’s a 2-in-1 emergency tool that will help him, in case of an emergency, break the car window, cut the seat-belt, and escape from the car as fast as possible.”


Ashley’s gift idea is useful when someone needs to escape from life-threatening situations like being trapped in a sinking, over-turned, or burning car. It gives you peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe in any situation.


To have a guy’s perspective, the big boss, Darryl, also chose a gift:



“It’s always difficult to pick gifts, but I would give, besides a (very) pretty flower, bear/coyote spray! It would make me feel better knowing she can protect herself in case anything happens.”


We think Darryl’s idea is amazing! We found an example at Amazon for less than $15! It’s cheap and useful!



If you liked all these ideas your going to love the last one! Carina’s idea is creative and funny. Here’s what she said:




“I can never think of gifts for my boyfriend… If I could I would always give him a gift card from his favorite store, but let’s be honest, how many times can you do it until it gets boring? So! Here’s what I have in mind for this Valentine’s: a band-aid! Don’t give me the face yet! Let me explain: every now and then you get a #papercut or something and need a band-aid right? Well, I’m going to write a nice card to him with the message “I’m stuck on you” and the band-aid below it! I can’t imagine a gift better than this one.”


We definitely agree with Carina! That’s the most creative and funny Valentine’s gift. Plus, you won’t spend anything because who doesn’t have a band-aid lost somewhere in the bathroom cabinet?


Do you have any other ideas for a #safe and fun Valentine’s day? Tell us in the comments down below!




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