What are the Risks?


  • Risk of tornadoes, downbursts, flooding, and lightning

  • Lightning kills dozens of people every year, flooding kills many more


What to do in the Event of a Severe Storm

Have a plan that everyone in your family understands (A Severe Weather Plan):


  • Identify a safer area in your home you can take cover in (away from windows, on a lower floor/basement)

  • Find a way to monitor weather alerts (computer, smartphone, radio)

  • For children, ensure their school, daycare, etc have a storm safety plan

  • Don't spend time near windows or exposed to the storm to take photos or videos

  • Do not drive through flooded areas, even if the water is only a few inches deep...many are swept away in flash floods each year

  • Take shelter in a well-constructed, sturdy building (not tents gazeboes, etc.)