Emergency Management & Training can assist your organization with strategic planning, program review, agency integration, and staff training to help them reach peak performance.


In addition to police, fire and EMS communications systems, Emergency Management & Training provides dispatch/communications consulting and training services to:


  • Public Works

  • Utility Companies

  • Hospitals

  • Security Companies

  • Transportation Companies

  • Airports

  • Distress Centres

  • Information Lines

  • Corporate Switchboards


Communications Centre Strategic Planning


Different call centres may offer specialized services, but they all share common

functions. Emergency Management & Training provides these



  • Communication centre design

  • Development of strategic plans

  • Organizational reviews

  • Development of 3P (public/private partnerships) arrangements

  • Development of policies and procedures

  • Emergency preparedness plans

  • Communications centre security analysis and plans

  • Quality assurance / Continuous quality improvement programs

  • Development of key performance measures

  • Facilitation of stakeholder consultations

  • Project management

  • Agency integration


Training Programs


Emergency Management & Training provides telecommunications training for the aspiring or professional communicator, supervisor and manager. Training can be provided in the classroom or in a seminar setting.


Sample seminar topics include:


  • You're not just a dispatcher – you're a professional!

  • Teamwork and Team Building

  • Stress Management

  • Dealing with Difficult Callers

  • Effective Listening

  • Professional customer service

  • Peak Performance Training

  • Supervision Training

  • Call-taking Basics

  • Dispatching Basics

  • Radio Procedures

  • Incident Management System


Customized presentations and training programs are also available 


Invite your allied agencies to join you in cost sharing when establishing a seminar.

We can also assist your organization in the development of site specific training programs.

Watch this site for postings of public courses and seminars.