I was very pleased with your company’s work and report, as well as Paul’s presentation to Council. The peer review addressed those matters requested by Council, and along with the presentation, answered specific questions from Council and the public. I want to personally thank you for delivering a professional peer review on time and on budget. - Ron Taylor, CAO, Kawartha Lakes (Fire Station Location Study)


Having spent months working closely with the team at Emergency Management & Training Inc. I would highly recommend them for future consulting projects and hope to have the opportunity to work with them again - Chief Chris Halliday, Thorold Fire and Emergency Services


Huron County Council was impressed with the level of research conducted for the review of our service and the well thought out recommendations that were supported by data and best practice information. This assignment also required Emergency Management & Training to delve into some difficult labour-management relationship issues and provide advice on possible solutions. As CAO, I was impressed with the way Mr. Culley handled this sensitive portion of the assignment. He provided me with sound advice that I trusted and appreciated. - Brenda Orchard, CAO, County of Huron


I am extending this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the high level of Customer Service I received during the Facility Needs Assessment investigation, implementation process and the completeness of the final reporting. Your organization went the extra distance and truly made sure all of the bases were covered. - Chief Michael Raine, Township of Wilmot


Training Participants


The information in the course (the past few days) has proven to be priceless. I appreciate the information and time spent, and look forward to notifying you of my new position in the near future!Thanks a million!! - Michelle H.


I wanted to be sure to tell you how much I enjoyed the course and how much it helped me with an interview that I had shortly after… I found your training both informative and easy to understand. You were both very thorough and straight to the point when it came to letting us know what was needed to land and succeed in a position with these organizations, and I appreciate the opportunity to have been a student of yours. - Michelle H.


Speaking in parables, Darryl's entertaining stories conveyed what I needed to realize – that I really wouldn't be prepared in the event of a crisis – and prompted me to take action! Reassurance is in both his manner and the spirit of the Incident Management System he provides. He brings the reality home, while remaining upbeat and positive. Thanks Darryl! - Jamie H.


The course content was very intensive but enjoyable. Thank you for a great experience. - Anonymous


Great Program! Thank you! - Paula B.


Instructors Darryl & Scott have great interpersonal skills, made it enjoyable to learn.Very informative. Thanks guys! - Monica C.


Very informative and useful in relation to everyday life. Very inspiring, gave me a different outlook on life and dealing with everyday life situations. Thank you. - Kirby L.


Loved it! (the Emergency Communications course) - Sonja K.


Very enlightening! Lots of new outlook on life and job market. Very positive feedback. - Kelly W.


This was amazing and a real eye opener. I learnt so much about myself and how to become a better person, so that I could be a good emergency communicator. - Sharon S.


Great Course – keep up the good work. - Lynn S.


It was a well organized course that will help me out not only with skill in life but also improved my perspective on life. Way better outlook on life. - Anthony C.


I wish I could send all my family, friends and co-workers to this course. Thank you for all the Xtras!!! - Liz V.


Really enjoyed this course. Scott was an amazing instructor. I walked away from this weekend feeling like 'a much improved person'. With many thanks. - Arlene C.


Your presentation was very energetic and informative. I like your teaching style. - Barbara S.